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Our dogs are our Star Fish.  Our ocean is our adopters.  Each and every dog we are able to save from death matters to them and to us.  We ask that they mean the same to you as our adopter-their new family.  Please make sure that you are willing and able to make the commitment you are about to take by submitting an adoption application with us.  Our goal is to make this the very last change our dogs have to endure during their very long and happy life.

Be That Difference For That One!


If you think they all make it out of a shelter and into a new home, think again.  Here is a very sad truth that is even harder to watch.  This is what their lives are reduced to when the very ones they thought would love them forever let them down.  Be responsible when adding a pet to your family, and please, spay and neuter.
"Kiss The Animals Goodbye" by Erik Friedl 

  Our adoption fee is $225.00.  This is to help off set the vetting costs on all of our dogs.  While some dogs may only need a Rabies vaccination, others may need all vaccines, surgery, testing, extensive medical treatments, broken bones...  Vetting can cost as little as $100.00 or as much as $6,000-$7,000.  The adoption fee is the same for all of our dogs.  All of our dogs are brought current on Rabies, Bordatella, DHLPP, they are Heart Worm/Lymes tested, dewormed and altered as age and health allows. 
Puppies who are too young to under go surgery will be under our legal contractual agreement to have their spay/neuter surgery preformed by a predetermined date which will be added to the contact and by the age of six (6) months.  Proof of alter IS required to be sent to us either by U. S. postal mail, document scan or fax.  Puppies require a series of three sets of vaccines 3-4 weeks apart.  Some of our puppies may have already started their vaccine series while others may not have due to weight or health.  Please be prepared for the expense of starting or continuing these vaccines as well as alter by age six months.  Puppies will NOT be protected from illnesses or other contagious diseases until they have finished their vaccines so for their protection you should not take them around other animals, to stores, or where other animals outside of the family travel.
It is our policy to not introduce our dogs until we have received and approved an adoption application unless they are scheduled to be at a public event which will be listed on our Up Coming Events page.
All information on our listed dogs is kept current.


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We are in URGENT need of fosters.  Without additional fosters we will not be able to save the lives of deserving dogs in shelters.  Every day they die simply because shelters are filling and their time has ran out.  Please ask us about what it means to be a foster, and how it makes you feel to help a homeless dog continue to live.

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For all applications please click on the link and download the application to your computer saving it to your documents. Once you reopen it to fill out save it again and attach it to an e-mail back to us at  If you have any problems just e-mail us and we would be more than happy to send one to you.

Please Save These For The Next Time You Hear Someone Say:
They Have To Get Rid Of Their Pet When They Have A Child.





General donations help us to continue helping them!

 Donation:  In Memory of Elsie Walter, $100.00

Please consider weekly or monthly sponsorship of one of our dogs.  Your money will help us to continue helping them.  It's a great way to help a dog when you cannot have one of your own, in memory of a loved one, in honor of a birthday or just because.
We will list your name or the name of your loved one as sponsoring on our Petfinders site with the sponsored dog's post. 

To Be A Sponsor Is Just A Click Away!

SARGENT~Sponsored By~Jodie Conley of Millersville, MD.        
Adoptive 'mom' of Harbor, and faithful supporter.
A Very Special THANK YOU To Jodie Conley Who Continuously Helps To Financially Support Our Cause...Helping Dogs To Not Be Homeless.
Jennifer Thompson, in loving memory of her beautifu girl Schula. A Very Special THANK YOU for Continuously Helping To Financially Support Our Cause...Helping Dogs To Not Be Homeless
~ ~ ~

Jacobi Medical Fund

In honor and memory of Jacobi, and so others will have the same chances he did, we have opened the Jacobi Medical Fund.  This money will go toward helping others, like Jacobi, who have suffered at the hands of those who were supposed to care and love them.  We love you Jacobi.


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